Why Does Eating With Bamboo Feel Better For Cancer Patients?

Bamboo has been hailed by many during the recent years, for its sustainability, convenience and non-toxicity. While using bamboo utensils and other products can certainly benefit anybody, they may be particularly interesting to cancer patients. In fact, it seems to be one of the most popular materials in the homes of cancer patients from bedsheets, through clothing to cutlery. Let’s talk about how bamboo, particularly in the kitchen, can help improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

Does eating bamboo shoots prevent cancer?

Are you putting bamboo on your plate? Before we get to how you eat your food, let’s talk about whether cancer can be prevented by eating bamboo – a topic of recent research. While the bamboo trunk is often used to craft products, there is one part of the bamboo plant which is edible – bamboo shoots. These, among other things, contain phytosterols, which,as studies have shown, seem to prevent the production of carcinogens.

Bamboo cutlery after treatment

The one true bamboo wonder that any cancer patient can benefit from is its use to create cutlery sets. After going through cancer treatment, some patients may find that they have a persistent taste of metal in their mouth. Another common complaint is everything tasting chalky.

Eating with metal cutlery can further worsen this feeling and make the sensations stronger and more unpleasant, as it triggers electromechanical reactions bringing on this feeling. Plastic does not present a good solution here, as the taste of plastic can also be very unpleasant and overwhelming (plus, it is also very unsustainable).

Bamboo does not irritate the taste buds in the same way that metal cutlery does.

Here’s where bamboo cutlery comes in – it does not irritate the taste buds in the same way that metal cutlery does, helping cancer patients enjoy food better and without a worsening metallic sensation in their mouth. Bamboo cutlery is completely tasteless, easy to maintain and fully biodegradable once it’s time to get a new set!

Other ways for cancer patients to incorporate bamboo into their home

Bamboo cutlery is not where the benefits of bamboo in a cancer patient’s home end. Another side effect of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments is the weakening of the immune system, which can be further worsened by exposure to sunlight. Bamboo clothing is a cancer patient’s best friend here, as it helps cut out 98% of the sun’s UV rays. Bamboo garments can make wonders in a cancer patient’s wardrobe!

The popularity of bamboo clothing and bedding has been rising and in many hospitals, breast cancer patients are advised to wear bamboo bras after going through surgery. According to some sources, bamboo might also be helping reduce the risk of infection after surgery – although it remains a topic of discussion whether bamboo retains its antibacterial properties after being made into a fabric.

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