How to achieve the cleanest water from home without breaking the bank

-Sustainable ways to drink water

Wherever we go and whatever we talk about, the idea of green habits and sustainability takes center stage. One of the concerns is the availability of clean drinking water at home. Drinking plenty of water is good for our health. But what makes a difference is the source of this water.

There is no doubt that bottled water is easy to procure; therefore, it is becoming a go-to choice for people. This way of sourcing water might be good for the business. But it is certainly not healthy for the environment.

According to an estimate, US citizens spend 18 billion dollars per year to buy bottled water ( The US Environmental Protection Agency mentions an even scarier fact; more than three-fourths of this plastic does not get recycled and become part of landfills. There it stays for hundreds of years, contributing to more greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

Many of you may think bottled water is safer than tap water; therefore, preferring it may seem a prudent choice. However, it is a contested fact because water purification companies also get water from sources as we get in the house. The only difference lies in the filtration process.

Furthermore, according to a study, bottled water may be damaging to health as its exposure to heat may cause the leaching of harmful chemicals into the water.

Here are some ways that help you get sustainable drinking water at home without breaking the bank.

Drink from the tap

In the US, the EPA has maintained some standards for tap water under the Safe Drinking Water Act. The agency constantly monitors the level of contamination and water safety level. So. If your area’s water is safe to drink according to EPA standards, you can save thousands of dollars spent on buying drinkable water.

Invest in a filtration system

You already know the source of bottled water is also tap water. So, the most sustainable water to drink at home is filtered water. You can buy a filtration system and purify water at home.

You can buy a filtration unit or directly attach one to the faucet and always get purified water at home. This will reduce the cost of drinking water, and also the burden of plastic on the environment.

Buy in bulk

Another sustainable way to reduce bottled plastic is by buying water in bulk. You can purchase plus-size bottles for water instead of single-serving bottles. The best way is to use a durable metal canteen for portability. Using metal is environmentally friendly as it is recyclable.

Boil water at home

Another sustainable option is to boil your tap water at home. You might contest the idea of using energy for heating, which is in no way sustainable. But rest assured, we are talking about installing solar water heaters. Boiling water kills the germs in the, and it becomes healthy for consumption (


Buying bottled water from outside may be convenient. However, adding more plastic to the environment will hurt the environment.

There are some other sustainable ways of getting safe drinking water at home. These ways help you limit the use of plastic and act more responsibly towards the environment.


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