Pauji Outdoors

Our Mission

Pauji Outdoors' mission is to help people support the planet and move over to using earth-friendly, sustainable products. We inspire conscious consumption by offering trusted, high-quality items that create an authentic, positive impact. Together we aim to support the earth and make the new normal more sustainable.

Our Vision

We take care of our customers by creating a trusted platform that makes environmentally sustainable shopping trendy and easy. Pauji Outdoors encourages the consumer to choose sustainable, zero-waste products.

A Better Future For All Of Us

We believe that access to sustainable products and resources that positively benefit our planet is a basic human right. Pauji Outdoors is a small family business whose goal is to reshape the consumer product landscape and redefine the consensus of what makes a good and natural product.

"The earth is the only thing that all people have in common, so let's take care of it together!"

Julie Morris

Our Founder

Originally from the robust and dynamic city of Caracas, Venezuela, Cristina Gonzalez first discovered her connection with the environment in the Amazonian town of Pauji, located in her vibrantly biodiverse home country.

First Hand Experience

Cristina's adventures living and traveling across nations whose communities and ecosystems have been affected by factors such as coral bleaching, plastic, air, and water pollution allowed her to first-handedly see the negative effects of human unconscious behavior towards the environment.

Lasting Impact

Cristina's experiences shifted her perception of the world, placing a conscious lens on her daily interactions with the planet.

Her passion for the conservation of our precious environment is visible in her dedication to educating communities on the positive impact our actions can have if we all work together at reducing single-use plastic.

Zero Waste & Plastic Free


Products don’t contain any animal ingredients and are totally cruelty free.


Be the change — choose sustainable. We donate 3% of our profits to organizations that save our planet.

Plastic Free

Our Products are 100% plastic free and travel friendly, too!

Natural Materials

Our zero waste products are produced and packaged with the best natural ingredients.

Save the Planet!

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